For more than 20 years, the graphics professionals of Business Impact Graphics (B.I.G.) have delivered on their commitment to provide unique designs that are both visually dynamic and business appropriate.  After all, it is the act of exceeding expectations that drives success for us and our clients.


Our experienced design staff brings both passion and extensive experience to every project. From original designs to complete redesigns, we have you covered. Click on SERVICES link (above)
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CEO / Creative Director

Robert has been developing client ideas into visual victories and producing it all on budget and within tight schedules since the very beginning of computer generated graphics... every update of every type of presentation software...  That expertise is not only hard to come by, it's invaluable in the middle of a critical presentation or when a deadline is at hand...

... because that's a really bad time to find out you went with the wrong graphics resource.

robert stein

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